It's getting cold so here is a quick free beanie pattern for you.

Back in May 2019 while gearing up for one of the markets I looked at various beanies to stock my table.  I found some very lovely ones but wanted a quick and simple warm unisex beanie that wasn't too bulky on top.

This pattern works up semi flat and is sewn up at the back. It uses the double crochet stitch in the back loop to give it the ribbed look and the pattern is complete over 4 rows so you can make it bigger or smaller by adjusting the number of repeats.

I found the closing of the top to be easy and clean, so you can wear it without a pom-pom (yay!!!)

I created the pattern in a way that you can determine the size you want by adjusting the starting chain and the number of row repeats, making it perfect for all sizes Newborn to Adult. The pattern can be adjusted for more precise sizes by removing rows 2 and 3 at the end (see notes).

The Ribbed Shaped Beanie can be made with any ply yarn you just need to measure to make sure you are getting the right size, it is so flexable and forgiving. In the pictures I have used a chunky 12ply yarn to give it the squishy feeling without the bulk on top.

To help you with sizing I have created the Crochet Hat Size Chart.

If you want a PDF of the Ribbed Shaped Beanie pattern you can purchase it via my shop at a small price.

Ribbed Shaped Beanie

*This is for a Newborn* See end for hat sizes

30.5cm (12”) x 18 cm (7”). The width will stretch a little and the length allows for a folded brim

Chunky yarn (12Ply), 8mm hook


• Approx. 50mt of yarn used

• Ch2 or ch1 does not count as stitch

• All stitches are in the back loop

• See notes for other sizes

CH 21 (or whatever number gets you to the size you want your beanie)

Row 1. Slst in 1st ch from hook, slst in next ch, sc in next 2, HDC in next 2 (6), dc 14, ch 2 (20)

Row 2. Dc 14, HDC 2, sc 1, ch 1 (17)

Row 3. Sc 1, HDC 2, dc 14, ch 2 (17)

Row 4. Dc 14, HDC 2, sc 1, sc 1 in sc from 1st row, slst 2 in slst from 1st row, ch 1 (20)

Row 5. Slst 2, sc 2, hdc 2, dc 14, ch 2 (20)

Row 6. Dc 14, HDC 2, sc 1, ch 1 (17)

Row 7. Sc 1, HDC 2, dc 14, ch 2 (17)

Row 8. Dc 14, HDC 2, sc 1, sc 1 in sc from 1st row, slst 2 in slst from 1st row, ch 1 (20)

Row 9. Rep row 5 – 8 twice more (total 16 rows)

To finish

Cut yarn leaving a long tail.

Sew/weave in starting tail. I like to undo the knot, so you can’t feel it once its weaved in and it also makes the finish look better.

Normally you would sew the seam first but due to where we finish for this size we are going to close the top first by weaving around the top edge of stitches (side of rows) and pulling tight to clinch the top together.

Using the rest of the end yarn sew the seam and weave in the end to fasten off.

Add a pom-pom if you desire or leave it as is. I turn the beanie in the other way before adding the pom-pom, the top seems smoother.

Further Information

As you will see the pattern is very simple.

Removing rows 2 and 3 from the 4 row sequence will allow you to make slight adjustment in width of the beanie. Remember to measure the dc (ch2) end.

Changing the number of starting chains controls the height of the beanie (measure along the row)

Both these changes allows you to use many different kinds of yarn.


I looked around for a comprehensive chart for hat sizes and found lots but none that had all the measurement I wanted and in Metric terms, so I made one of my own, you can find it Here

That’s it, your all done. WooHoo!!! 

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