There are lots of great patterns out in the world using the ridged ripple stitch and the original ripple stitch.

I designed this pattern to use the fabulous combo I brought at Spotlight '4 Seasons' Stallion 8ply mulit braid. This pack had 18 colours at approx. 10g or 23mts each.

As you can see I used the white to break up the colour blocks so technically I used 17 colours for the main blocks. There was not enough white from the braid, so I had to buy a ball os '4 Seasons' Stallion - white 8ply to complete the scarf.

If you have some in your statsh or you are using all your scrap yarn for this project you will need around 30g or 60mts of white.

If you want a PDF of the Colour Block Ridge Ripple Scarf pattern you can purchase it via my shop at a small price. 

Colour Block Ridge Ripple Scarf

Approx. size: 210cm x 18cm (83’ x 7’) 

To change the size or if you want to use the stitch to make a blanket, the stitch count is 16 + 6 


1 x ‘4 Seasons’ Stallion 8ply multi braid (18 colours) 

1 x Stallion 8ply white 

5mm Hook 


• Ch2 counts as 1st stitch throughout 

• For this pattern dc2tog has 1 sk st between 

• Each colour makes approx. 8 rows with a little left over 

• The white is used to separate the colours


Ch = chain 

blch = Back Loop Chain (bump in back loop of foundation chain) this gives a better finished look 

dc2tog = Double crochet 2 together 

sk = skip st = stitch 

bl = back loop 


Ch 38 

Row 1 First colour Dc in 3rd blch (= dc2tog), dc in next 2 blch, 3dc in next blch, *dc in next 3 blch, sk next 2 ch, dc in next 3 blch, 3 dc in next blch*, rep *-* 2 times, dc in next 2 blch, (3ch left) dc2tog in blch (see notes) (36st) 

Row 2 Ch2 *dc in bl of next 3dc, 3dc in bl of next st, dc in bl of next 3dc, sk 2 st*, rep *-* 2 times, dc in bl of next 3dc, 3dc in next st, dc in bl of next 2dc, dc 2tog in bl (36st)

Row 3 – 8 (approx.) Rep row 2 Row 9 Change to white yarn, rep row 2 

Row 10 – 17 Change to second colour Rep row 2 

Row 18 Rep row 9 

Row 19 – 26 Change to third colour Rep row 2 

Row 27 Rep row 9 

Row 28 – 35 Change to fourth colour 

Row 36 Rep row 9 

Row 37 – 152 Continue the pattern until you run out of yarn or make the desired length. 

Mine was 152 rows in total using 17 colours + white. Leftover yarn can be used for the fringe or tassels, or just leave it as it looks good without it to. Here’s a great video link on how to make tassels by Darby Smart 

For the fringe, workout how long you want the fringe to be then double it and add 2cm. Fold it in half, put your hook through the chain or stitch where you want the fringe, pull the yarn loop through so you have a loop on your hook, then yarn over with both strands and pull all the way through the loop on your hook. Using your fingers, pull tight on the ends to secure. Do this as many times as you like to get the look you’re after. Combine multiple strands in the one stitch to get a thicker look. 

That’s it, your all done. WooHoo!!! 

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